Language Evening Meets #thistimeimvoting - How to Vote as an Expat?

Language evening meets #thistimeimvoting!

Are you an EU-citizen and want to vote in the European elections on May 26th, but you aren't sure how? Do you also want to see the voter turnout for the European elections grow? Do you want to get in contact with international students and improve your language skills?

Then come to our #thistimeimvoting event in Trier on Wednesday, April 24th at 8pm!

Here you can find out:

- how to vote in the European elections if you live in Germany but aren't a German citizen

- how to fill out a voter registration form

- how to motivate other Expats to go vote!

The event will be hosted by internationales Zentrum e.V.. Anne, a supporter of the #thistimeimvoting campaign and member of internationales Zentrum e.V., will give a presentation. Afterwards you can exchange ideas with other local supporters as well as practice your language skills with our international students in a relaxed and comfy atmosphere.

The presentation will be held in English. Wenn Du jedoch Deutsch sprichst, aber trotzdem wissen möchtest, wie man wählen gehen kann, komm bitte auch vorbei! Wir werden unser Bestes auf Deutsch geben. :)

Please note that photographs and videos will be taken during the event and can be used in the media, on the Internet, on social media or in publications for reporting purposes.




Studihaus Universität Trier
Universitätsring 12b
Trier 54296



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